• Don't lose money investing anymore

    Megalodon Pro and Pro+ combine 16 different back-tested indicators, that each have over 66% win rate.

  • Start investing profitably today

    Megalodon Pro+ is designed for long and short term investors. It works with any kind of market state and asset.

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    Megalodon Pro+ lets you set alarms to automatize your investments.

Why Megalodon?

We believe that enlightening others is an incredible way to make this world a better place. That's why we created the tools you need to stop worrying about your investments and focus on what really matters in your life.

How to learn?

Megalodon Pro and Pro+ tutorials explain how to maximize your risk reward ratio.

What is Megalodon?

Megalodon Pro and Pro+ combines 16 different back-tested indicators, that each have more than 66% win rate. It works with any kind of market state and any kind of asset!

Where to use Megalodon?

Megalodon Pro and Pro+ are available on TradingView platform.

What is the win rate?

Megalodon Pro and Pro+ have more than 66% win rate.

How to purchase?

Simply visit our shop page and find what suits you the most.

How it works?

Set your alarms and let Megalodons do the work.

Megalodon Pro
Are you a long term investor?
  • Megalodon Pro Indicator Access
  • Vip Telegram Channel
  • Weekly Updates
  • Long Term Investor Tools
Megalodon Pro+
Are you a short term investor?
  • Megalodon Pro+ Long Term Isolator
  • Megalodon Pro+ Short Term Isolator
  • Megalodon Pro Access
  • Vip Telegram Channel
  • Daily Updates
  • Short Term Trader Tools


Most frequent questions and answers

This question is mostly depended on your investing strategy and the current market conditions. With $600, by using Megalodon Pro+, %10 of profits would equal to $60. %10 in a month with Megalodon Pro+ is totally possible even in bear markets. Plus, our vip telegram channel posts educative signals everyday!

Simply after the purchase, click on the “Indicators” tab and “Invite-Only Scripts”. You should be able to see the indicator(s) that you have purchased.

Contact us on tradingview, telegram or twitter for more information. We will be happy to assist you.

Automated trading is currently available with Megalodon Pro or Pro+. We are estimating that our automated software will be available by the beginning of Q1-2019.

Unfortunately, no. We have given out free trials in our Beta stage to 300 investors. After constantly feed-backing and improving Megalodon Pro and Megalodon Pro+ indicators for a year, we have decided to launch as we believe the products offer a great value for our customers.

Simply contact us on any social media platforms. We will happy to assist you with the details. 

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You can reach to us on twitter with direct message.

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